Alumni Spotlight: Haley Kaffanke, New Zealand

by on Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Alumni Spotlight highlights the achievements and stories of ISV alumni and Student Representatives. This weekly feature showcases these participants and their life-changing experience from around the world. ISV knows that volunteers make a difference, and is pleased to recognize the achievements of these outstanding university students!

Haley hard at work in New Zealand!

This week’s Alumni Spotlight is on:

Haley Kaffanke
University of Northern British Columbia
New Zealand 2010

Describe your volunteer project:

Our volunteer project involved planting native plant species in a few places around Tauranga. We did some releasing as well (removing weeds from around plants). We also spent a day building a trail in a forest (the purpose being that individuals would use that path rather than forging their own trails and destroying the natural environment). One other day was spent with young school students, planting trees with them and spending the day playing with them at their school.

What was the most memorable moment of your ISV Program?

The most memorable moment of my ISV program was when I realized how accomplished I felt after our group had replanted, essentially, an entire hillside. Realizing that 40+ students came over to New Zealand for the same purpose and was able to accomplish so much was an amazing feeling, and definitely the most memorable experience I had while there.

Conquering her fears black water rafting on the Adventure Tour

“My favorite part of the adventure tour was…”

My favorite part of the adventure tour was black water rafting. Deep water scares the living daylights out of me, I have a massive fear of heights and I’m slightly claustrophobic. I was pushed through all three of these weaknesses and came out feeling so proud of myself for not letting them prevent me from having a good time. I jumped the three meters into pitch black, freezing water, I swam in that water through narrow spaces and I scaled two small waterfalls. You can’t say that that wasn’t a successful morning!

Why did you decided to travel with ISV?

I decided to travel with ISV for a few reasons:

  1. I love to travel, and they provide a great price for the packages they offer.
  2. Volunteering is important to me, so getting to do that while seeing a new country (or two in my case) was a great incentive.
  3. They sounded very reputable and trustworthy.
  4. The projects ISV does in each country are worthwhile–they are not meaningless and they fit the needs of the communities, which is essential when doing ANY sort of volunteer work.

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