Alumni Spotlight: Jill Storey: New Zealand

by on Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Rep Spotlight highlights the achievements and stories of ISV alumni and Student Representatives. This weekly feature showcases these participants and their life-changing experience from around the world. ISV knows that volunteers make a difference, and is pleased to recognize the achievements of these outstanding university students!

Jill on her volunteer project

This week’s Rep Spotlight is on:

Jill Storey
University of Colorado
New Zealand 2011

What was your volunteer project?

Ecological project in New Zealand planting thousands of trees, creating walking trails in the bush, teaching school children the benefits of conservation, and having a blast with all the new friends I made!

What was your favorite thing about your host country?

The local people, “Kiwis,” were incredibly nice and helpful.  It was so great being able to meet the local people.  Also, the drive along the west coast of New Zealand was so beautiful, there is nothing quite like it.

"It was so great being able to meet the local people." ~Jill Storey

What things do you now practice as a result of your ISV experience?

We learned so much about how to live as minimally as we could by taking shorter showers, recycling, using minimal electricity, and giving our food scraps to pigs instead of throwing them away.  Since I’ve been home, I’ve tried to think about the resources I am using and to limit my usage.

What was your favorite part of the Adventure Tour?

Zorbing and the Nevis Bungy jump!!!  They were both so much fun and I’m so glad I did both of them!

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