Fire Devastates ISV Costa Rica’s Project, ASOMOBI

by on Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The aftermath of the fire at ASOMOBI © all pictures used with permission by Wagner Quiros, Project Director for ISV Costa Rica

This blog is about a very sad event that happened on July 8, 2012 to one of ISV Costa Rica’s longest supported community projects, ASOMOBI.

Last month the main building of their community centre was devastated by a fire. ISV is providing priority support to ASOMOBI and we need more help with fundraising.

Before the fire – their office, tourist cabins and group kitchen are now gone

The Organized Women’s Association of Biolley (ASOMOBI) was established in 1996 by a group of 15 women from Biolley, a community located in the slopes of La Amistad Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


ASOMOBI was created to generate productive options that would allow its members to make their living in an environmentally and culturally sustainable manner. The organization serves as an employment alternative for locals who would otherwise leave the community due to the lack of jobs in the area.

Currently, the main income generating activities of ASOMOBI are coffee production and ecotourism. Over 23 associates benefits around 60 local families, but now one of their main projects supporting themselves and their families is gone – their office, tourist cabins and group kitchen.

100% of any funds raised by ISV will support ASOMOBI

ASOMOBI staff and families have given amazing experiences to our ISV participants and staff and we wish to offer our support in these difficult times. As such, ISV would appreciate if you were able to assist with some fundraising for this group.  ISV have set up an option on the dropdown menu  – ASOMOBI Women’s Group Fund Costa Rica. Any fundraising you are able to assist with will be greatly appreciated and 100% of any funds raised will support ASOMOBI.


Wagner Quiros, ISV Project Director, Costa Rica.


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