Group Trip Opportunities for Special Interest Projects

by alrahmahsolutions on Tuesday, 17 January 2012

ISV has travel opportunities for your club, class or social group to put your skills into action.

Are you part of a group who would like to volunteer overseas? Do you have special skills that you would like to utilize or develop while having the adventure of a lifetime?

Whether it is a short spring break program teaching children or a 4 week medical project for nursing students, our programs will change your life.

Groups of 10 or more will be eligible to receive program discounts, and group leaders may also receive a complimentary trip abroad.

Group Project examples include:

  • Vet and pre-vet projects with sea turtles, elephants and monkeys
  • Dance and performance skills with children
  • Med and pre-med outreach to poor communities
  • Sport and recreation projects
  • Teaching and childhood development
  • Marine studies, biology projects with sea turtles and dolphins
  • Arts, crafts and interactive education
  • Nutrition and health education
  • Leadership and service learning trips

To learn more, email and ISV will put together the perfect program for you and your group.

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