Happy Reconciliation Day, South Africa

by isvolunteers on Saturday, 20 December 2014

mandela quote

Reconciliation was the lifetime dream of Nelson Mandela.

December 16 is Reconciliation Day in South Africa.

After years of segregation, in 1994 this holiday came into effect which is significant to Afrikaners and African cultures; its intention is to foster reconciliation and national unity.

While we remember our past, we also look to the future and focus on our heritage, our diversity and being proudly South African.

This year, as our ISV volunteers engaged in our volunteer projects in a variety of locations across South Africa, we celebrated culture, community and moving forward positively.

Whether we are sharing special moments with new friends in a Xhosa village in the Eastern Cape, or uniting with a local hero who is promoting conservation in Limpopo – we remember, we celebrate and we share a sense of global citizenship and community!

Happy reconciliation day!

volunteer in shingwedzi

ISV conservation volunteers at Shingwedzi: December 16, 2014

Image, above: ISV volunteers meet local Ann van Dyk (centre, cream sweater) at Shingwedzi, Limpopo. She has contributed in helping take the Cheetah off the endangered list of species.

reconciliation day celebration

Celebrating Reconciliation Day, December 16 2014.

‘Ubuntu, We are who we are, because of other people’

– Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu

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