ISV Project Leader Costa Rica Spotlight: Esteban Rojas

by alrahmahsolutions on Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Esteban Rojas, ISV Project Leader in Costa Rica

Meet Esteban Rojas, one of ISV‘s awesome project leaders, responsible for leading ISV university and high school groups during their volunteer projects in Costa Rica.

Esteban has been an ISV Costa Rican Project Leader since 2012, and has led mostly conservation projects for the last three ISV seasons.  He has a major in Ecological Tourism and is part of a Masters Program in Management of Natural Resources.

Esteban is truly passionate about conservation in Costa Rica and enjoys searching wetlands for fresh water turtles and getting involved with sea turtle research.  Esteban is a strong advocate for the importance of wildlife corridors and also the protection of native seeds.

For fun, Esteban loves to go rafting, mountain biking, snorkeling and traveling around the pristine areas of the country. He also has amazing people skills and is a natural motivator!

If you’re lucky enough to be an ISV volunteer on one of Esteban groups, get to know him and take advantage of his great local knowledge!

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