ISV Tour Leader Trys Eddy visits Petra, Jordan

by alrahmahsolutions on Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Trys Eddy, ISV Tour Leader on break visiting Petra, Jordan (c) used with permission by Trys Eddy

ISV has had some tremendous Tour Leaders over the years and around 1500 of our Australian and Southern Africa alumni have had the great fortune of having Trys Eddy as their tour leader.

This past February, after leading ISV adventure tours in South Africa since December, Trys decided to explore parts of the Middle East during his time off.  When I touched base with him by email, Trys was in the UNESCO World-Heritage listed ancient city of Petra, Jordan, and on a real high from his experiences. Here’s what he had to say about his time in Jordan:

“This is such an amazing place, far from what I expected, and by far my favourite country that I have visited! I have wanted to go to Petra since I first saw Indiana Jones about 15 years ago and prior to arriving I worried that my expectations were too high. In actual fact it was 10 times bigger and more awesome then I ever imagined and I am sooooo happy to have been able to experience it.

Unfortunately, many people from western societies have a very negative stigma about this part of the world, whereas in my experience Jordanians were the gentlest, most polite and friendly people I have ever met.  The food is incredible and the scenery is ‘off the chart’!”

This year, Trys will again lead groups in Australia, but not before helping direct and supervise the training of our new South African tour leaders in Cape Town, South Africa this April!

Over the past 6 ISV seasons, Trys has led 36 tours with roughly 1500 ISV participants.  His participant ratings are consistently close to a perfect 5/5 every single tour.

ISV Tour Leader Trys Eddy, somewhere in the Jordanian Desert (c) used with permission by Trys Eddy

Trys, come home safe and sound after some adventure, rest and relaxation as we’ve got lots of ISV participants coming to Australia who are excited about having you to show them our incredible East Coast as part of the ISV Australia Adventure Tour!

Visit ISV’s website to learn more about ISV’s Australian Adventure Tour this coming year!


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