ISV Volunteers and Staff Give Blood in Cambodia

by alrahmahsolutions on Monday, 27 August 2012

ISV participants and staff “giving back” by donating blood in Cambodia © used with permission by Chad Allen, ISV Thailand Program Director

Since 2011, ISV has been running a 5-day optional excursion to Cambodia. Spend just one day in this remarkable country and it is easy to see why it has been such a popular addition to our adventure tour in Thailand.

Angkor Watt is one of the most remarkable temples in the world, not to mention sunset over Pre Rup and trampling through the ruins of Preah Khan “The Tomb Raider Temple”. Each of these places will leave an impression, but what ISV participants often remember most are the children of Cambodia.

Nobody can forget the smiles of Cambodia’s children. As the Program Director for ISV in Thailand and Cambodia, I am always amazed at what our volunteers accomplish and how willing they are to give of themselves – even after their volunteer project is complete.

Floating village on Tonle Sap, nearby to Siem Reap © ISV

Recently I had the privilege to lead one of our excursions in Cambodia and found myself at a local children’s hospital which was putting on a concert to raise funds.  During the concert the hospital asked for donations including money, and also for giving blood!  I do not need to explain why giving blood is so important in every country and especially in a country as poor as Cambodia, but what amazed me was how much our volunteers care and how easily they can put the tourist attractions aside and focus on giving back.

One of the most asked questions on the excursion is “what can I do to help” and I want to thank these volunteers for inspiring me and helping answer this question. It is truly a privilege to see the wonders of Angkor and this is just a small way of saying Thank you to the Cambodian people.

The Kanta Bopha Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap, is run by Dr. Beat Richner. The hospital provides free care to all Cambodian children.

Chad Allen, ISV Thailand Program Director

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