Making Progress: San Juanillo Responsible Fishing Area Proposal

by on Friday, 16 March 2012

The proposed Sustainable Fishing Area will directly benefit local fisherman and their families (c) used with permission by Wagner Quiros

On October 12, 2011, after three months of meetings and support, the San Juanillo Fisherman’s Association, International Student Volunteers (ISV), the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Technology (MINAET), the Costa Rica Coast Guards and other technical advisors, presented the final proposal to the Costa Rica Institute of Fisheries (INCOPESCA) to recognize the San Juanillo Fisherman’s Association Responsible Fishing Area.

The Regional Director for INCOPESCA, Fisheries Biologist Ricardo Gutiérrez, has expressed, “We will always be grateful for all the support that ISV has given to this whole process, which is an example for Costa Rica.”

A Responsible Fishing Area is a delimited zone in the ocean which allows fishermen to continue doing their activities in a way that is committed to social and environmental consciousness. The main idea is for protecting the marine resources in this area while at the same time, looking for ways to increase the economic benefits to the local community.

San Juanillo Pescadores, (c) used with permission by Wagner Quiros

Our partnership with the San Juanillo Fisherman’s Association goes back to 2007 and we were honored to be invited to participate in this process by the local community directly. Many ISV groups have come to support the development of San Juanillo since then and we could not be more proud that our initial efforts to support the community have reached such a great level.

Note: As of March 15, 2012 the proposal is still being considered.  We wait and hope.


Wagner Quirós,

ISV Costa Rica Projects Director



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