Trekking the Northern Jungles of Thailand

by on Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Trekking with ISV is a once in a lifetime experience © all images used with permission by Metreeya Jaidee, ISV Thailand Adventure Tour Coordinator

“Travelling is not about the destination but the journey along the way.” In Northern Thailand, aside from experiencing the cultural highlights of Chiang Mai, trekking is one of the most popular activities. This ultimate low-impact activity is a fantastic way to travel and allows you to connect personally with the environment and its people. A few decades ago, trekking in this northern region was a true adventure as there was lots of dense jungle and it was far less populated. In more recent times and in the face of rising levels of tourism, the cost of trekking has risen and many companies have left the jungles behind in search of areas closer to the city. As part of ISV’s Thailand Adventure Tour, ISV has chosen a trekking location that still has genuine rural character and offers an adventurous experience set amongst terraced paddy fields and hill tribe villages. The Mae Tang district is a gateway to many of Thailand’s ethnic hill tribes such as Hmong, Lisu and Lahu who maintain their traditional way of living in the jungle – simply and happily.

Experience traditions and learn from the local guides

Trekking with ISV is a once in a lifetime experience for ISV participants. It is time to pack your bag, leave the city behind and enjoy this active adventure in nature with professional local trekking guides and ISV tour leaders. To enjoy the experience we recommend packing light – what you pack in is what you pack out! Also, be flexible; periods of rain and sunshine are unpredictable. Go with an open mind; staying overnight in the hill tribe village is a learning experience. Experience traditions, learn from the local guides and enjoy conversation around the bonfire. You will soon realize what a gift the daylight is for the hill people as when night arrives it is only candlelight and the moon to light your way – there is no electricity!

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of trekking in Northern Thailand

Walking uphill, particularly in the heat and humidity, is challenging for many people, but at the end of the trek, everyone feels a great sense of accomplishment. The trek takes you through beautiful jungle, rice fields, and cornfields, plantations such as coffee, lychee and peanuts. You’ll also come across local dogs, pigs, goats and chickens digging and scratching around homes. These can be unusual scenes in western countries yet these are some of the many charms of trekking!

As a tour leader, I also believe that trekking helps people form great bonds by working hard and having fun, eating a picnic lunch in the jungle, sharing snacks, visiting waterfalls, eating mountain rice, helping a friend a who is having a hard time walking, laughing at friends when they slide in the mud by cheering each other to not give up and then taking pictures after reaching the highest point.

Visiting waterfalls is one of the many experiences you’ll have on your trek

I have walked this trail more than 100 times, but it continues to amaze me. Trekking with new people has a different journey and a new story every time. Each step and place reminds me of old friends. It is also a peaceful time for me to think and refresh my mind. Joining the local guide, cooking with firewood in a simple kitchen of a Lahu family is one of the many highlights for me.  I love trekking and I look forward to welcoming all future ISV participants that trek with us on the Thailand Adventure Tour!

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Metreeya Jaidee, ISV Thailand Tour Manager

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