Vet and Pre-Vet Programs with Elephants and Sea Turtles

by on Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Calling all Vet and Pre-Vet Students!

ISV has recently been able to offer a special focused program for Vet and Pre-Vet students on our Elephant Rescue Project in Thailand!

ISV has limited spaces available for our June 21, 2012 program date and all interested participants can contact for details.


Feeding an Elephant in Thailand

Guided by a leader who is qualified in veterinary care, you and your team will get hands on experience caring for the 32 Asian Elephants who live in the rescue center. These elephants have been rescued from abuse and mistreatment in the tourism and logging industry, and most will never be able to roam free in the wild again.

The goal of the rescue center is to allow these amazing animals the freedom to live their life in peace. The center also gives visitors the opportunity to learn about Asian Elephants and how visitors can support ethical treatment of elephants and other animals. As part of our vet and pre-vet program, you will gain experience in veterinary care for these animals, as well as domestic animals in the surrounding community. You will gain experience in medical care, dressing wounds, dietary requirements, cleaning and other facets of animal health.

This project is only available for our June 21 program (2012 season) and has extremely limited space. This project is only open to Vet and Pre-Vet students. To sign up for this program please apply now or submit your program agreement/deposit and list “Vet Program – Date” in the section called “promo code”

ISV also has an incredible sea turtle research program that is open to all vet, pre-vet, biology and oceanography students. This program is a bit more ‘hands on’ than ISV’s long running sea turtle breeding program. As a volunteer you will take an active role in sea turtle capture, tagging, tissue sample collection, measuring, etc. It is perfect for anyone wishing to gain practical experience in field research with these amazing creatures.  This program is set to run on the May 11, May 25 and June 8 departure dates.

Again, for more information contact  or apply now /submit your program agreement/deposit and list “Pre-Vet Turtle Program – Date” in the section called “promo code”


{ 2 comments… read them below or add one } December 2, 2012 at 11:12

You re lucky, I’d like to go too.
It’s a real opportunity for vet students.


Anna February 22, 2012 at 9:02

This sounds like an amazing opportunity! I am excited to apply and hopefully have the chance to go.


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