Why Morgan Coleman Loves Being an ISV Project Leader

by alrahmahsolutions on Sunday, 29 July 2012


Researching Adelie Penguins, Ross Island Antarctica © used with permission by Morgan Coleman, Project Leader with ISV NZ

My name is Morgan, and I’m currently in my 4th year as a Project Leader with ISV. By the end of the season I will have led 8 projects to locations around New Zealand, from Punakaiki on New Zealand’s spectacular west coast, to Motuihe Island, a peaceful oasis just half an hour by boat from Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand.

In my regular, job I am a field biologist with Landcare Research based in Christchurch. I have been lucky enough to work in most environments throughout the country and beyond, and most recently doing research on a number of native bird species. In 2010 and 2011 I visited Ross Island, Antarctica, as part of a research project looking at the breeding biology of Adelie Penguins.

Leading and ISV group on NZ’s spectacular West Coast © used with permission by Morgan Coleman, Project Leader with ISV, NZ

What an amazing place!! It was such a privilege to be invited to work in a location where few people ever get to visit. I observed orca and minke whales swimming by close to shore, and got to watch the day-to-day lives of the penguins, as they attempted to rear their young in the harsh cold environment. And as the sun never sets in summer, there was always lots of time to take pictures!

The reason I enjoy being a Project Leader with ISV so much is that it gives me the opportunity to work at the interface between science and the public. I get a real buzz being able to chat with young people while planting a tree or hiking a track, about New Zealand culture, or our forests and the fantastic birdlife.

“I get a real buzz being able to chat with young people…” © used with permission by Morgan Coleman

The whole experience is a refreshing change from a pure science environment, and I would scarcely refer to it as a job, but more as a break from my normal occupation (but don’t tell my ISV boss that!!). I have met so many great people from around the USA and Canada, many of whom I remain in touch with.

Morgan Coleman, Project Leader with International Student Volunteers, NZ

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