Wildlife Crime Must Be Stopped

by on Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Chaba, an Asiatic black bear. © all images used with permission by Wildlife 1

ISV volunteer teams are helping combat wildlife crime in Thailand.  Imagine yourself joining this ISV volunteer project….

The early morning mists part as the first rays of sunlight touch the dew speckled ground of Wildlife 1 foundations sanctuary in Chiang Dao, in the far north of Thailand and bordering with Myanmar. Jamong, the young pig tailed macaque and the latest addition to this growing family of animals rescued from illegal trade, is already squealing expressing his hunger. Up on the hill Chaba, the gorgeous Asiatic black bear, is throwing bamboo stalks around like they were twigs in a demonstration of her power and playfulness. The other monkeys are also starting to stir. Mohawk the adult pig tailed macaque sitting in his morning meditative contemplation, nong-dao the jealous rhesus macaque is pacing and Jack the moody stump-tailed macaque sitting in his corner.

These animals are still caged and some of them have serious psychological scarring, and it is so sad that this is the way it is, yet we are confident their lives here are so much better than the alternatives that existed before they came to Wildlife 1.

Wildlife 1 aims to increase global awareness of illegal wildlife crime. Here’s “Mohawk” the adult pig tailed macaque, getting groomed.

Wildlife crime is a dark and destructive business and unfortunately continues to thrive and is destroying our Earth’s biodiversity and its ability to support all living things including us. Thailand is a major global hub for illegal wildlife trade. Last year over 16,000 live animals were seized in illegal trade or possession of wildlife in Thailand alone and are being held within a system that is hugely overburdened and under-resourced. Wildlife 1 foundation is developing this facility to ease the pressures on the government system and provide a supporting resource for confiscated and abused wildlife.

The ISV volunteers at Wildlife 1 are now also starting to stir joining the table for breakfast and warming up with hot cups of tea and delicious hand mixed muesli with fresh Thai fruits. Soon we will be ready for our day, building enclosures, planting trees, creating vegetable gardens, feeding the animals and cleaning their enclosures and all the other interesting and varied activities that go on with creating what is envisioned to be one of the world’s first self-sufficient wildlife sanctuaries. Every day is a productive one and every task has meaning during a stay at Wildlife 1.

Animals, big and small, need our help. Learn more about this topic and get involved.

By increasing global awareness of these issues and providing a sanctuary to show firsthand what is actually happening we hope that soon we can leave these amazing animals alone to live and thrive in their natural habitats, expressing their natural beauty that is inherent in all living things.

Many thanks to Damien Bohler (ISV Thailand Project Leader) and Adam Oswell* for sending us this blog. *Adam is the Founder & Director of Wildlife 1 and is a wildlife trade monitoring consultant for TRAFFIC.

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