The Winners From The 2015 Photo And Video Competition

by isvolunteers on Sunday, 3 January 2016

The votes are in and the winners of ISV’s 2015 Photo and Video Competition have been announced! We have a total of five winners – one from each of the Photo Comp categories (Volunteer Project, Intrepid AdventureGroup and People, Places, Planet)  – and one overall winner for the Video Competition. Thank you to all of our Facebook followers and alumni for voting.

Each first place entry will receive a $1,000 scholarship to travel with ISV again, or they can opt to donate their winnings to a volunteer project of their choice.

The winning entries come from a variety of destinations this year including Australia, Costa Rica and South Africa. The full list of submissions into the Photo Competition can be found on the official Photo Contest Page and the ISV Facebook Page includes shortlisted albums for each category. We’ve also compiled a playlist for the Video Competition entries here.

Close to 1000 images were submitted by ISV participants as part of this annual contest, showcasing the awe-inspiring and life-changing experiences from our programs across the world. Congratulations to all winners and finalists and thank you to all entrants for this rich visual overview of how ISV volunteers made a difference throughout 2015.



1st Place and WINNER – 644 votes

Title: Impact Your World    Photographer: Madison Romano   Location: Costa Rica

Impact Your World

On our last day volunteering at the school, we lined up all of the eco bricks and prepared to reuse them and repurpose them into benches to accompany the table we had worked all through out our time in Providencia. It was a great feeling to recycle and make a difference in these children’s lives.

2nd Place – 550 votes

Title: I’m Going Home    Photographer: Maria Diaz   Location: Costa Rica

I'm Going Home

After hatching, this baby turtle heads home into the ocean.

3rd Place – 187 votes

Title: Ostional Children Playing     Photographer: Kristina Fonseca     Location: Costa Rica

Ostional children playing
Ostional and potato sack races.


1st Place and WINNER – 803 votes

Title: A Spontaneous Adventure    Photographer: Aaron Malloy   Location: Australia

A Spontaneous Adventure

Growing close to the people that I have on this ISV experience was truly life changing. With planning and preparation, my ISV group and I were able to take this picture under the stars.

2nd Place – 705 votes 

Title: Climbing The Rocks    Photographer: Melissa Steller   Location: New Zealand

Don't Climb on the Rocks

Our 20 minute bus stop break was at a place made famous by a battle scene in Lord of the Rings. It turned out to be my favorite stop on the entire adventure tour!

3rd Place – 346

Title: Just Hangin’    Photographer: Cecilia Morales   Location: Costa Rica

This was taken at the Extreme Forest Adventure Park in Providencia, Costa Rica! We climbed up 90 feet inside this 500 year old Ficus tree that had been hollowed out by a Strangler Fig and then repelled down the outside!


1st Place and WINNER – 1000 votes 

Title: Elephant Encounter With The Best Group    Photographer: Eisa Alhabib   Location: South Africa

Elephant Encounter with The Best Groupo

My group was just perfect. Meeting new people is always great but meeting new friends that share the same passion towards making an impact as you is even better.

2nd Place – 938 votes 

Title: Nothing But Happiness    Photographer: Gillian Graff   Location: Costa Rica

Nothing but Happiness

The look of joy across all our faces after we just hiked up the mountain traveling to our station in Nancite.

3rd Place – 285 votes

Title: The Lantana Ladies    Photographer: Kylie Spado   Location: Australia

The Lantana Ladies

As a group, we have come to a conclusion that we were all meant to meet. Something put us all on that plane to Australia and placed us at Bellbunya Sustainable Community. In only a few days we created an unbreakable bond and in this picture you can see how much love and support we will aways have for each other. This summer, all seven of us were where we were meant to be.


1st Place and WINNER – 293 votes 

Title: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes    Photographer: Cory Specht   Location: South Africa

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

2nd Place – 197 votes

Title: Sydney Opera House & Harbor Bridge    Photographer: Olivia Lewis   Location: Australia

Sydney Opera House & Harbor Bridge

3rd Place – 161 votes

Title: Adventure Time!    Photographer: Emma Greaghan    Location: Thailand

ADvenutre Time

One of our volunteer projects was to accompany the children of the Maekok Foundation on a hill tribe hike. This is my “little brother” on our way there!!


1st Place and WINNER – 968 votes

Eisa Alhabib in South Africa 


2nd Place – 830 votes 

Alex Roos in New Zealand


3rd Place – 269 votes

Christina Cortes in The Dominican Republic


Thanks again to all ISV’s volunteers – together we are doing our best to make the world a better place and we hope that these images inspire others to do the same!

To learn more about ISV and our programs please visit our website.


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