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Experience the wonders of Down Under and make a positive impact to Australia's varied ecosystems with a variety of incredible projects spread across the continent. From the rainforest, to the desert, ISV projects help protect a range of habitats and the unique animals that live there.

Australia programs are unavailable for 2018.

Australia Volunteer Projects

Help conserve Australia's threatened ecosystems and wildlife!

In the last 200 years, Australia has lost many of its iconic species and has one of the worst mammal extinction rates in the world. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to work alongside local Australian organizations that have partnered with ISV to develop hands-on conservation Volunteer Projects. Your efforts will help to protect and restore the unique and fragile Australian landscapes which provide habitat for Australia's threatened flora and fauna. Projects focus on habitat restoration, and you may find yourself working  alongside a community action group, in a RAMSAR listed wetland, a critical watershed, even private lands set-aside for conservation.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Photo

Australia's incredible landscapes and unique biodiversity are no secrets. However, if you dig below the surface of its world-renowned reputation for incredible beauty and distinct wildlife, you will find a land that has experienced high rates of deforestation and holds the world record for mammal extinction rates together with a long list of very pressing environmental issues.

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