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Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica, one of the most bio-diverse places in the world; ISV volunteer projects demonstrate how people and nature are inextricably linked. One of ISV's Costa Rican Projects was recently awarded "Outstanding Project of the Year" at the World Youth and Student Travel Awards.

2 Week Volunteer Only Program

Costa Rica’s volunteer projects play an important role in maintaining the nation’s incredible animal species while supporting growing communities and villages. Projects range from endangered species conservation to hands-on community support. You could find yourself volunteering in projects such as: Protection of animals such as sea turtles, Wildlife research and monitoring for endangered species Seedling propagation in tropical jungles Sustainable development in rural communities Infrastructure improvements and beautification Environmental education programs Supporting organic agriculture development and community recycling programs

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Photo

Help protect Costa Rica's outstanding biodiversity and natural beauty.

Costa Rica is renowned for its biodiversity and incredible natural beauty. Scientists, environmentalists and concerned locals are combining efforts to protect the fragile ecosystems. Volunteer in some of the most spectacular scenery in Costa Rica on projects that help to protect the natural environment, and shape policies for a sustainable future. Education, conservation and economic development in Costa Rica are closely tied and represent the basic building blocks of sustainable development. Projects involve assisting with tasks such as organic farming, painting educational murals at schools, scientific research to support community agriculture initiatives (such as medicinal plants and coffee), and trail building/maintenance to encourage rural tourism.

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Wildlife Conservation

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Make a difference to Costa Rica's remarkable animal species.

Help protect the delicate balance of nature by researching and monitoring endangered species and habitats in Costa Rica. Tasks may include: observing feeding behavior of spider monkeys, toucans and other tropical species and mapping fruit tree distribution based on wildlife habitats; beach patrols to protect the nests of leatherback, green and hawksbill sea turtles; construction and monitoring of turtle egg hatcheries. ISV volunteers also help support alternative sustainable tourism and income generation by participating in family home stays.

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