USA: 1 202 368 1504 DR: +1 829 714 9283; +1 829 558 7744
  1. ISV will only be conducting programs for this coming summer, 2018 in the Dominican Republic. We are excited to announce that we have started a new Dominican Republic, Baseball initiative entitled: Global Students Volunteer (GSV) - Dominican Republic. Our purpose is to assist the children in the impoverished villages of the DR with education, infrastructure building and recreation to improve their living standards in the name of Baseball.

Dominican Republic

Be rewarded with smiles and laughter as you help to improve the quality of life for children and families of this Caribbean paradise.


  • Do it, You not only get to learn the language, you become friends with everyone too, it really sets a bond for the rest of the trip!

    Karen Hammond Charles Sturt University Australia

  • Living with a CR family and taking Spanish classes is a great way to start immersing yourself in the country, along with getting to the know the other people in group.

    Kirsten Wong Auckland University New Zealand

  • Hi (STA)! I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me organize my trip to Costa Rica last year and helping me with flights and insurance. I had such an amazing time and am so grateful for all your hard work and ability to organize my trip. Thanks again, I could not have left Australia without you. Next time I am travelling I will be back in contact.

    Esther Gilmore Monash University - Clayton Australia

  • I was blown away by this experience!!! I cannot thank ISV enough for allowing me to experience the Costa Rican culture in such a fun and memorable way.

    Maria Shevchik Pennsylvania State University United States

  • I am so glad I participated in this Spanish language and cultural immersion. Everyone was extremely friendly, kind and helpful and my Spanish definitely improved. Pura Vida.

    Ashley Kotran University of Connecticut United States

  • My volunteer experience was one of a kind! I have never felt so welcomed or loved in a new place before. Making a difference in a community that is so thankful is one of the greatest feeling in the world. This volunteer experience has truly changed my life for the better. I would recommend it to everyone single person. I am hoping to come back next summer.

    Victoria Chondon Trent University Canada

  • The adventure tour was fabulous. I had the adventure of a lifetime. I did so many things I had never done before and probably never would have if it wasn´t for the adventure tour.

    Alison Bickert SUNY Oswego USA

  • What a wonderful experience out here in Costa Rica. I´ve never been out of the country before but ISV organization made it easy. I absolutely loved my Project. Working in the community, the children and staying with a host family was amazing. I loved everything about it.

    Donna Snow Utah State University USA

  • This experience has been great! It has opened my eyes to new things. I have gained so much knowledge and the host organization and host family were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you all for everything and the chance to be part of the change.

    Jennifer Chapman Iowa State University USA

  • It is and experience that no journal, photo or video can describe. The 2 weeks here were incredible and unforgettable. I´ve gained 2 families here, my familia tica and my ISV family, and I´m lucky to be part of both.

    Lal Irez Rutgers University USA/Turkey