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  1. Applications Now Being Accepted for May-August 2017 Departures! Apply Now
  2. Applications Now Being Accepted for May-August 2017 Departures! Apply Now

Dominican Republic

Be rewarded with smiles and laughter as you help to improve the quality of life for children and families of this Caribbean paradise.

2 Week Volunteer Only Program

If you only have 2 weeks or are on a tight budget, the 2 Week Volunteer Only program may be perfect for you. Your efforts on an ISV 2 Week Volunteer Only program will have a long lasting impact on people and places around the world, and will impact your own life in the process.

Children's Programs

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As a volunteer, you will help educate children who have little access to everyday resources like books and pencils, and where there are never enough teachers. ISV has developed an ongoing program to supplement the underfunded public education system, where you will teach basic English, Math, Geography, Sciences and Health Education to children in a summer camp-like setting. Fun activities such as Music and Dance, Arts and Crafts and Physical Recreation are also incorporated into the ISV Children's Program. The goal of the Children's Program is to provide a platform for basic, quality education in a fun and dynamic learning environment for underserved children of the Dominican Republic. Each volunteer is asked to bring along their own skills and talents to make each lesson as fun as it is memorable.

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Community Development

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ISV has several projects located in rural areas of the Dominican Republic where volunteers are able to make a significant difference within the host communities by empowering individuals to break through the cycles of poverty. The ISV-DR program focuses on two essential components of development: infrastructure development and children’s education programs.

The goal is to improve the quality of life for the people in underserved communities through building and renovating homes, community centers, schools, latrines, water and sewage facilities, sidewalks, and community gardens, and to deliver basic health education and English language programs in a fun and dynamic setting. In many cases, you will find yourself working alongside members of the community to accomplish the tasks. You will also be involved in ecological education in conjunction with the local community leaders. In the process, you become an important and welcomed part of these communities who need assistance as they strive for a better life for their families.

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