USA: 1 202 368 1504 DR: +1 829 714 9283; +1 829 558 7744
  1. ISV will only be conducting programs for this coming summer, 2018 in the Dominican Republic. We are excited to announce that we have started a new Dominican Republic, Baseball initiative entitled: Global Students Volunteer (GSV) - Dominican Republic. Our purpose is to assist the children in the impoverished villages of the DR with education, infrastructure building and recreation to improve their living standards in the name of Baseball.

Dominican Republic

Be rewarded with smiles and laughter as you help to improve the quality of life for children and families of this Caribbean paradise.

Dominican Republic programs are unavailable for 2018.


  • An unforgettable experience that should be done at least once in your lifetime.

    Sonia Gera McMaster University Canada

  • It's well organized and really submerses you in the culture while helping those that truly need it. It was truly a life-changing experience that I will never forget. I touched lives and mine was changed for good in return.

    Cayla Iske University of Nebraska USA

  • This experience has forever changed my life in so many ways. I could not imagine living my life without this experience. It has not only touched other people's lives but has forever touched mine.

    Chelsea Dempsey East Carolina University USA

  • It was amazing to spend my summer doing something worthwhile. The Dominican Republic people are so friendly and it was very rewarding to be helping them.

    Myriam Tirr University of Leicester UK

  • I never could have anticipated the gratitude I received from the children I had worked with at the end of the two weeks. They were so sad to see us leave and so was I. There is something profound to be learned from the Dominican People and their culture and I will never forget their relentless love of life or ability to smile no matter what the circumstances.

    Meghan Newton University of Colorado Boulder USA

  • This project helped me find my place in the world and have a clearer understanding of where I am headed. I have gone to university for four and a half years…I learned more here in two weeks.

    Jade Ivan University of Regina Canada

  • This has been one of the most challenging, emotional, and life-altering trips I could have ever taken. Every minute will be an everlasting memory in my mind.

    Aoife O'Neill University of Ulster Ireland

  • Incredible does not even begin to describe my experience. I made deep connections with the locals at my volunteer project that I would never have thought possible. ISV provided me with a completely unique and phenomenal experience.

    Mariah Mahlendorf Shippensburg University USA

  • An amazing trip of a lifetime. Definitely an emotional journey and an extreme eye-opener to the poverty in the communities. I've built up so many amazing relationships with the local people, especially the children, and it’s an extreme privilege to spend two weeks with them and know the huge impact you’re having on their lives. Extremely rewarding.

    Jessica Kayes Liverpool John Moores UK

  • The knowledge and experience I gained on project was invaluable, educational and inspirational. Construction provided me with a physical challenge, pushing myself beyond my own limitations, while the education component provided me with the opportunity to engage and learn things about the culture, community and children.

    Mary Joy Pascua University of Toronto Canada