South Africa

South Africa's cultural richness, amazing wildlife and stunning scenery will capture your imagination.

2 Week Volunteer Only Program

South Africa's cultural richness, amazing wildlife and stunning scenery will capture your imagination. This is the experience of a lifetime.

Environmental Management

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With 9 different Biomes boasting thousands of unique flora and fauna species, South Africa is the perfect place to volunteer on exceptional environmental conservation projects. We focus on environmental management techniques, methods and research opportunities in various jaw dropping sites, to work towards protecting and conserving South Africa’s vulnerable natural areas.

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Children's Programs

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Poverty, HIV-Aids, broken families, inadequate housing and school facilities, and other basic necessities are just some of the barriers that millions of South African children face daily. Education is a powerful vehicle that can transform societies and break cycles of disease and poverty. Community support and youth development can empower people so that they can live healthier and more prosperous lives where one can make their own choices about their futures. As such, ISV is working with local host organizations on the ground to assist them with their efforts to fill the gaps left by poor government systems in various areas and communities.

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Wildlife Conservation

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Populations and urban sprawl are increasing globally and pose significant challenges for wildlife conservation in South Africa. Along with certain farming practices, poaching and illegal animal trades; human wildlife conflicts are rapidly contributing towards the depletion of local wildlife species. Wildlife care and rehabilitation centers not only have a role in caring for injured or affected wildlife, but also in animal breeding projects and education programs to help people learn to actively live sustainably and responsibly with their surroundings. In South Africa on our conservation projects, we closely monitor, educate and create awareness, as well as help protect our wildlife for many generations to come.

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