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South Africa

South Africa's cultural richness, amazing wildlife and stunning scenery will capture your imagination.

Animal Health Care Projects

If you are passionate about animal health and want to learn about unique and diverse African wildlife, this project is for you! This project is appropriate for volunteers who are studying and/or interested in working in the animal health field, who would like to gain practical and theoretical experience with local professionals. Not only will you be using your skills and knowledge to benefit the project, you will also gain valuable experience like nowhere else in the world.

On an animal health care project in South Africa you will assist and observe veterinarians, animal health specialists and vet nurses in action during procedures that may include*:

  • Inoculations (cubs, adult cheetah and African wild dog)
  • Castrations (male African wild dog and cheetah)
  • Sedation (transportation, breathing and heart rate monitoring)
  • Tick and flea treatments (cheetah)
  • Dental care (dental health and scaling of teeth)
  • Research (DNA collection for International Database)
  • Eye care (ultra sound checks for eye health issues)

In addition to these activities volunteers will also contribute to the reserve through daily activities such as:

  • Reserve maintenance – fixing fences and roads, alien vegetation removal
  • Enclosure maintenance – enrichment, repairs, protection from predators
  • Feeding rounds – assisting with food preparation and feeding and learning about nutrition necessities for captive animals vs wild animal diets
  • Cleaning rounds – assisting local workers with cleaning enclosures, food preparation areas, etc.

*These experiences and tasks may change or differ at any time, and from project to project. Many of these tasks will be dependent on the time of year, availability of veterinarians and the condition of the animals.

If you are interested in signing up yourself or a group for an animal health project in South Africa please contact for more information. 

Please note: This project is currently only available to students signing up for our 2016 May to September Program.

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