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  1. ISV will only be conducting programs for this coming summer, 2018 in the Dominican Republic. We are excited to announce that we have started a new Dominican Republic, Baseball initiative entitled: Global Students Volunteer (GSV) - Dominican Republic. Our purpose is to assist the children in the impoverished villages of the DR with education, infrastructure building and recreation to improve their living standards in the name of Baseball.

Dominican Republic

Be rewarded with smiles and laughter as you help to improve the quality of life for children and families of this Caribbean paradise.

Fundraising Ideas

ISV Fundraising Resources: ISV will send you many useful resources once you are confirmed on the program to assist you with raising funds.

Read ISV's Blog about fundraising ideas the work Here

1. Letter to Potential Supporters: A sample letter in Word document format for you to customize.

2. Instructions for Supporters: Guidelines for your supporters on how to make fundraising payments.

3. Support Me Cards: Personalized "support me" cards to hand out to potential supporters.

4. Press Releases: Article templates for you to use to get the news out about your trip.

5. Financial Record Sheet: For you to keep track of fundraising payments.

Crowdsourcing Online:

Check out ISV's Blog about crowdsourcing fundraising!

Set up a profile on a crowdsourcing website such as Volunteer Forever - Invite all your friends and online network to support you by giving money online. Tell a story with your profile, use pictures and videos and most of all - SAY THANK YOU!
Set Up a Profile Here.

Facebook and Blogs:

Make a Facebook page or create a blog describing your trip and its purpose. Ask for funds from your Facebook contacts and online network.

Business Visits:

Many students have had a lot of success visiting small businesses in their area. Print out a small blurb about what you are trying to do, and include the fundraising support materials that ISV provides. Approach business owners and explain what you are doing and that you are asking for any amount they can give. Leave them with an envelope and tell them you'll be back the following day. If they can give- great, if not- no problem. Return the next day and collect your envelopes.

Change Jars:

Ask your local businesses (such as hair salons, nail salons, pizza shops, etc.) if you can leave a jar with your information on it for funds. Have a picture of you, some pictures of the program and a sign saying "Give your Change for Change! Help me make a positive difference this summer." This actually works! Over the course of weeks and months, a few dollars at a time can add up to hundreds of dollars.

Service Groups:

Approach local service groups such as Rotary and Lions Club. Ask for financial assistance. In return, offer to come back and be a guest speaker and talk about the amazing work being done in your host country and even put in some volunteer hours with them when you return. Service organizations love investing in young people, especially if they are able to come back and share their experience.


Everyone loves food and drinks. Sell hot chocolate, soup, cookies, coffee, cupcakes etc., in busy areas on your campus. These are cheap to prepare and you can make a very reasonable profit on your sales.

See's Candy Sales:

Go to You can raise funds for special events or all year long!

Krispy Kreme:

Krispy Kreme also offers fundraising support by selling donuts by the dozen. There is $5 profit to be made per box. Many students set up stalls at events and get their parents and co-workers help them make sales. Visit for details.

Market Research:

Many companies are looking for people to take part in market research focus groups. These generally pay well and require little time commitment. Google search for "paid market research," "focus groups,"etc. in your area to see what is on offer.

Chamber of Commerce:

Go to your local Chamber of Commerce meeting or mixer and ask to speak. Then ask for support from the local business owners in your city who are at the event.

University Grants:

Many universities, campus programs or student development clubs offer grants or scholarships for students who choose to study overseas or get involved in volunteering. Contact your course supervisor, volunteer office or financial aid office or student union for more information.

Casual Friday:

Your workplace or your former high school may be interested in helping you raise funds for your volunteering trip. Ask if they will offer a casual Friday with funds going towards your ISV program.

Clothing Swap:

Have an on-campus clothing swap. Invite as many people as you can to give items of clothing. Set up an area on your campus for a massive clothing swap/rummage sale. Have all participants give their unwanted clothing. In return they may take one other piece of clothing and purchase any other items for $3 for example. Give all the left over clothes to charity. This is a great event that is easy to organize and promote!

Movie Night:

Ask your campus or local movie theatre if you can hire a screen for the night and charge for the movie and popcorn. They may even be willing to rent the screen to you at a discounted price if you explain what you are fundraising for. Invite your friends and ask them to bring friends; some groups have held all-nighters where everyone brings sleeping bags and has a movie marathon.

Restaurant Fundraiser:

Approach a local restaurant offer cheap food or beverages and let them know you can bring in X amount of people, which is new business for them. Ask for a percentage of the proceeds to fund your Program. You may wish to theme the specials or the dress code around your host country.

Party/Game Night:

Host a party or an event and charge an entry fee; 100 people at $5 each is $500 in one night. Provide refreshments and snacks and host a variety of board games, video games, and/or card games. The winner of the competition will be the person who wins the most games, and the winner will receive a prize of your choosing. Alternatively, host a poker tournament.

Trivia Night:

Trivia nights take a bit of time to organize but can be very profitable. Team up with other volunteers to bring more people along. Ask for prizes from local businesses, and put on extra games to help you raise a lot of money in one night. For a guide to trivia night fundraising, visit


Raffle off those unwanted items that you, your friends, your family and your neighbors have to the community and local businesses. Collect products or services from local businesses who may wish to help you out.

Haircuts/Cut a Thon:

Past participants have had a lot of fun and made a lot of money by offering haircuts/buzzcuts to students on campus. Get a bunch of your friends together outside. Create a fun, party atmosphere and invite people to come on down for haircuts/buzzcuts. Alternatives include temporary hair color and manicures for those who don't wish to have their hairstyle changed. Alternatively, ask a local hair salon to sponsor a cut a thon to support your effort.

Balloon Games:

Some students have sold balloons in the past, for a minimal amount of $2. Since it is for a good cause people are generally more than happy to buy one. Another student sold water balloons for $2 and allowed people to throw them at her (she was in a bikini). She made over $200 in 2 hours. Guys could make this work too- think board shorts.


Offer to babysit for your friends, family, and coworkers in exchange for funds towards your trip. Post in your school bulletin boards or newspaper explaining the situation (and your love of kids).

Pet Sit/House Sit:

Ask someone who has pets or who is going out of town if you can pet sit/house sit for them.

Dog Wash:

Find a place where many people walk their dogs. You will need a brush, dog shampoo and a source of water to start your dog wash. Alternatively, offer to walk dogs in your neighborhood in exchange for funds.

Gardening Work:

Offer to do work such as raking, mowing, weeding and gardening for friends, family, co-workers and neighbors in exchange for funds.


Recycle cans, glass, newspapers and plastics. Go to schools, businesses, friends, families and co-workers and offer to recycle their items. Exchange the recycled items at a recycling center for money.

Restaurant Challenge:

Ask a local restaurant to host a challenge or a dare, and patrons pay to see you complete the challenge. One student raised $150 in an hour by being challenged to drink a cup of KFC gravy. Other students have been challenged to eat large amounts of food.

Prepare a Group Dinner:

Maybe you know someone who is throwing a party or event or just does not like to cook. This would be the perfect opportunity for you to cook for this event and make some money for your cause.

Business Clean-up:

Many businesses need to have the area around them cleaned up. Restaurants might have trash around the edges of their parking lots, some businesses may need their signs washed, and others might need their sidewalks and lots swept. You could clean up a property in exchange for a fundraising payment towards your trip.

More Ideas Online:

Still want more fundraising ideas? Check out ideas online at

"I've never done something like this before & overall it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend ISV to anyone. Bravo!" ~Lydia Williams, University of Georgia