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Information for Volunteers

Read this section for useful information that will enable you to make the correct decisions, ask the right questions, and ensure you have the best experience possible!

Tips for Fundraising

ISV provides you with a letter you can customize and send to potential supporters as well as other resources to help you get started with fundraising. Below are some tips to help you.

Use ISV's Sample Letter to Potential Supporters and the Support Me Cards.

Customize the letter to suit yourself and your Program details.

Start with family, friends and people you know.

Extend your network to include sports groups, church groups, co-workers of family members, small business owners in your community, and more. You will get the best response from people who know you and want to invest in your personal growth.

Engage your friends to assist you.

Ten people will know significantly more people than you do, so ask your friends to help you out and get involved in contacting potential supporters.

Start immediately.

Fundraising takes time and effort; it doesn't just happen. If you start early and slowly chip away at your goal piece by piece you will be surprised at how every amount adds to your goal.

Keep your letter short

Keep your letter no longer than one page and use the template ISV provides.

Set a target goal and let people know it.

If you are trying to raise $4,000, tell people your goal and ask for specific amounts to aid you in reaching it. Let your supporters know about your progress.

Follow up with a phone call.

Don't expect people to just give you money, especially if they don't know you. Follow up with a phone call and ask if they would like to know any further information.


Don't just take their money and leave. Keep your supporters updated with your travel plans and come back to them after your trip with photos and a big thank you note!

"This trip has taught me many life lessons about the environment and the community that surrounds the various environments in which the group was given the opportunity to visit. The different lessons and interactions I have learned on this trip has made me a better person. I will keep all the lessons close to my heart and hopefully can try to pass them on to others that aren't as fortunate as I am in the opportunity to learn from another country." ~Lisa Henderson, Sacramento State University

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