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ISV Mission Statement

ISV's mission is to support sustainable development initiatives around the world through life-changing student volunteer and responsible adventure travel programs designed to positively change our world and to educate, inspire and result in more active global citizens.

Being an ISV Tour Leader must be one of the most exciting and adventurous jobs on the planet! It’s a fast-paced role which requires a personable approach to facilitating an amazing experience for volunteers, while ensuring all logistics and safety concerns are properly attended to. Tour Leaders are expected to be extremely knowledgeable about the culture, history and responsible tourism in their host country. They are hired to be motivators who will inspire volunteers to get the most out of their adventure tours, have fun and learn a thing or two along the way. They also have to be extremely approachable, kind, outgoing and fun, and highly professional. We’ve proud to say, ISV’s leaders really are the best! Please read about their diversity of backgrounds below.

Such an amazing leader! Organized and extremely interactive with all volunteers. I would highly recommend Jing (Thailand). She had great knowledge about every location and was able to direct us to places of interest during our free time. She maintained leadership while fitting in. Great tour leader overall!

Jaimie Adams Nipissing University, CAN

Couldn`t ask for a better leader! He was fun, confident, knowledgeable about everything, and he kept us safe and earned our trust and respect. He was invaluable and made this trip the success and adventure it was. He`s an absolute champ and is an asset to the organization.

Amelia Fahie University of Melbourne, Australia

Irene knew everything and gave the best advice before activities. She was always prepared and on top of it and had our back with anything for our own comfort, never felt safer!

Jordan Moreno Iowa State University, United States

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Zack  Rinakorovatu

Zack Rinakorovatu

Bula (hello)! My full name is Sakiasi, but a lot of people call me Zack for short. I’ve been enjoying working in the tourism industry for more than 10 years and always look forward to meeting people from other countries and learning about their backgrounds and culture. I’m married with two boys and a beautiful daughter. I love playing basketball and sharing my love for Fiji, its culture, traditions, and best of all – its smiles! Read More

Graeme  Hillary (Gray, G-Man or just ‘G’)

Graeme Hillary (Gray, G-Man or just ‘G’)

Cape Town, South Africa

I lived in Kenya for 4 years while growing up, which was the most incredible place to learn about and create a love of the great outdoors and all that lives in it. Camping trips and visits to game reserves was where I got to learn so much about wild animals and where my passion for nature began! I studied a double-major in Environmental & Geographical Sciences and Geology at the University of Cape Town and went on to complete Honours in Geology. I have been privileged enough to travel to some awesome and exciting places, including climbing Mount Kenya and even visiting Antarctica! I have tried my hands at river guiding and am a qualified dive-master, and have pretty much only ever been assigned to the field for my past jobs before coming to ISV, so I know how to rough it! My best adventure so far was definitely going to Antarctica, and visiting the Falklands and South Georgia en-route. Seeing 5 different types of penguins and swimming in 1.5°C water all in 12 days pretty much says it all! Read More

 Natascha (Tasch)  Sibilski

Natascha (Tasch) Sibilski

Cape Town, South Africa

I studied nature conservation before moving to Tanzania and taking in as much as I could of the beautiful wildlife and culture the country has to offer. Seeing the wildebeest migration from a plane and hot air balloon was definitely a highlight. Back in South Africa I have been a research assistant for the Ingwe Leopard Project, acquired my guiding accreditation, worked at Lory Park Zoo with birds of prey and as the Education officer, so I got the best of both conservation and education! This is my fifth season with ISV and I am currently studying Environmental Education through the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. What I love about the work that I do are the people and the environment. I love how volunteers come over to this country and embrace every minute. I love that we as project leaders are able to play a role in shaping the future generations with the work that they accomplish in just 2 weeks. The biggest thing I have learned as a project leader is the potential each and every volunteer has to change the world and that they go out and accomplish just that in their own capacity. Read More


Brodie  Philp

Brodie Philp

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Brodie has had a passion for animals and the environment for as long as he can remember. He continued this passion by studying wildlife and ecology at university with Honours in Environmental Biology. An ISV Alumni from both Thailand and South Africa, Brodie credits ISV for expanding his view of the world and giving him the travel bug that determines most of his life decisions today. In 2012 Brodie looked for another way to continue his involvement with ISV and was successful in gaining a position as an Australian Project Leader, and leading projects again in Australia and Thailand in 2013. In between his involvement with ISV Brodie has spent the majority of his time living in the jungles of Borneo, Indonesia, volunteering on orangutan rehabilitation and conservation programs and conducting field research for Koalas on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. He spends his spare time doing a host of outdoor activities including snorkelling, bodyboarding, hiking and swimming. Brodie returns to ISV in 2016 for his second season as the Australian Tour Leader and is excited to get to share his knowledge of Aussie culture and wildlife and to show Australia's unique landscapes to the enthusiastic ISV groups that await this season. Read More

Daniel Fernandez

Daniel Fernandez

Daniel was raised in the mountains of Costa Rica where his passion for the environment developed as a child. After becoming a Nature Interpretation Guide in 1998, Daniel was able to share his comprehensive environmental knowledge and travel across the Americas to study the Neotropics. Daniel began working for ISV in 2007, and has been an asset ever since performing as a Tour Leader in both Ecuador and Costa Rica, as well as the Tour Director for Ecuador and the Latin American Tour Leader Trainer. Daniel welcomes you to his home country and looks forward to sharing its beauty with you. Read More

Irene Arce

Irene Arce

Irene has been an ISV Tour Leader since 2010 and has been studying at university in Costa Rica to fulfill her dream of becoming an English teacher and making an impact in the lives of students. Irene became a tour guide more than eight years ago and has since turned it into a full-time job, traveling all over her beloved Costa Rica. Irene’s passions include Costa Rica and all of its secrets, sharing her culture and learning about different ones, enjoying a good soccer match, and cooking all types of meals. Irene is very much looking forward to getting to know each ISV participant, showing them her country, and watching them fall in love with Costa Rica while completing the ISV program. Read More

Erick Castro

Erick Castro

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Erick is a self-trained naturalist and guide. He attributes his knowledge to a six year stint working for a research station where he was able to learn directly from researchers in the field. Erick has been leading nature-oriented tours for the last eighteen years and has worked as an ISV TL for five seasons. Erick enjoys any outdoor activities from mountain biking and whitewater rafting to SCUBA diving. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge of Costa Rica and its main attractions while having a great time with every ISV participant this season! Read More



Elliot started with ISV in 2009 as a volunteer in South Africa but has come back to lead projects, tours and excursions in New Zealand, the United States and Southern Africa. He has a passion for people and nature, leading him to graduate from the University of Canterbury with a BSc in Biological Sciences. A travel junkie, Elliot has visited over 35 countries and has many more on his list. Elliot loves photography, playing the guitar, skiing and hiking. Elliot is excited to showcase New Zealand to his participants this season. Read More

Megan Fieldes

Megan Fieldes

Auckland, New Zealand

Meg is excited to return for another season as a Tour Leader for ISV New Zealand. She is a born and raised kiwi chick who grew up in the country. From a young age she had a love of nature, which developed into a passion for the outdoors and for adventure! With a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Leadership, Meg has worked in the tourism industry as a hiking guide, a black water rafting guide, and a canoe guide in some of the most beautiful and scenic parts of New Zealand. Her hobbies include hiking, photography, travel and dining out at yummy restaurants. She can’t wait to share her beautiful county with you and take you on an adventure of a lifetime!  Read More

Adolfo Ramirez

Adolfo Ramirez

Adolfo Ramirez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Adolfo began working for ISV in the summer of 2005 as a Tour Leader and has since led approximately 30 ISV student groups. His current role with ISV combines Tour Leading and assisting in the set-up and coordination of projects and tours. Adolfo has led cycling and hiking excursions up to the highest elevation in the Caribbean and has also led groups of volunteers to help Haitian refugees. He is passionate about his country, and he is a proud father of a young boy. Read More


 Siriwan  Sukchoo (Ning)

Siriwan Sukchoo (Ning)

Ning was born and raised in Chiang Mai. Having seen her father working and traveling abroad as a tour leader since she was young, Ning was inspired to also become a tour guide. She has a B.A. in Tourism Industry from Rajabhat Chiang Mai University. Ning has been working in tourism industry for 8 years and she loves it, especially the opportunity to meet lots of new people and learn about their lifestyles and cultures. Ning loves traveling, photography and getting to know people. Ning motto's "Don't say you can’t do it if you haven’t tried it yet, and if you try and fail, try it again in different way.” Read More

Chakhree  Khattiyarat (James)

Chakhree Khattiyarat (James)

James was born and raised in Lampang, the ‘Horse Carriage City’ and the third largest town in Northern Thailand. He has a B.A. in Tourism Industry Management from Rajabhat University, Lampang Province. He was inspired to become a tour guide because he loves traveling all around Thailand, meeting new friends and learning about their lifestyles and cultures. James has been working in the tourism industry for 16 years and is proud to support eco and sustainable tourism initiates. He has a passion for adventure activities such as: rock climbing, snorkeling, river tubing, and hiking (just to name a few). His other interests include photography and playing the guitar. James’ motto is - “Do whatever you love to do and do it your best”! Read More

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