Canyoning in the “27 Waterfalls” in the Dominican Republic

by isvolunteers on Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Adolfo Ramirez, ISV Tour Director in the Dominican Republic, tells us about one of his favorite activities on the Dominican Republic ISV Adventure Tour, the “27 Waterfalls”, part of the ISV Optional Activity Package.

Taking a leap of faith! An ISV participant jumping into a freshwater pool in Damajagua. (c) International Student Volunteers

The 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua in the Dominican Republic is a unique place that is unlike anything you have seen before. Located in the middle of a lush jungle, this canyoning activity combines hiking, jumping and sliding down natural waterslides, testing your courage along the way.

One, two three, JUMP! (c) ISV

You’ll start the day by traveling from Cabarete to Damajagua. Make sure you bring: closed toed shoes you can hike in and don’t mind getting wet; your swimsuit, a towel, board shorts; a t-shirt for over your swimsuit; sunscreen; water bottle; personal medications; insect repellent; a dry change of clothes; and a sense of adventure!

You’ll be met by our local Dominican guides who make a living by taking travelers like you on this activity every day. You’ll be provided with helmets and a life jacket, and after the safety briefing, we’ll walk up a mountain along a small undulating trail that leads all the way to Waterfall #27. The trail is surrounded by thick vegetation and fantastic views, but when we get to the first waterfall, the real fun begins. We’ll swim in crystal clear water and make our way back down by jumping into refreshing pools and sliding down natural water slides – or both at the same time. One of the water slides is a slide and a jump all in one!

This activity is not only loads of fun, it allows you to enjoy nature and the outdoors in a responsible way that has a low-impact on the environment. We abide by ecotourism principles – there’s only the one trail and some hand-rails for safety, our activity fees provide income for the local guides, and your ISV Tour Leader will teach you about the local environment to ensure you’re learning as you go!

27 waterfalls3

The view from above! (c) ISV

I have been participating in this activity since I began working for ISV 10 years ago, and each time is as new and exciting as the first. I also know some of the hidden treasures and tricks that the local guides know! The activity is bound to be one of the highlights of your adventure tour.

If you haven’t already done so, join the ISV Optional Activity Package by contacting the office today. You won’t regret it for a minute!

To learn more about ISV and the adventure tour please contact our friendly office!

27 waterfalls5

An ISV participant sliding down one of the many natural waterslides. (c) ISV


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