Celebrating International Volunteer Day in Thailand

by isvolunteers on Wednesday, 10 December 2014

international volunteer day

Happy International Volunteer Day! (c) “Ben”, ISV

The 5th of December is a big day for Thai people as it’s the birthday of Thailand’s beloved King Bhumiphol. Coincidently, it’s also International Volunteer Day!

ISV‘s project leader Chomphoonut Yotpranan (aka “Ben”) sent us these great photos and update of what they did to enjoy this special day, December 5, 2014 in Thailand.

“To celebrate, our ISV group (made up of Australian and New Zealand volunteers) at the Elephant Nature Park and Thailand Cares Project went to a local school to engage in games and activities with the about 35 children and their parents. One game that was a hit with the children was called “octopus”. First, we explained the game to the children in Thai, then translated it into English. The next game was “chain-tag”. Like “octopus”, the game involved lots of running and chasing! There were lots of laughs, smiles, good times and fun exercise. We also shared some snacks with the children to top off the special day.

local games in thailand

Games and good times with the local kids (c) “Ben”, ISV

After lunch, it was time to get back to work, and our volunteers returned to the task of painting a basketball court and wall of a school building. It took the whole afternoon but we were determined not to leave until it was done.

What a great day – good times with the children plus we achieved today’s project goals!”

children in thailand

Lining up to receive special snacks as part of the festivities of the King’s Birthday and Int’l Vol Day! (c) “Ben”, ISV

Note- this particular project involves one week at Elephant Nature Park working closely on tasks that directly benefit the conservation of an endangered species, the Asian Elephant, and one week working in rural hill tribe villages which helps educate others about  the plight of Thailand’s elephants while improving the living standards of disadvantaged communities. Teaching English and practicing with native English speakers (i.e. our volunteers) has demonstrated benefits for local children. Plus, on days like this, it’s fun for all involved, filled with tons of cultural exchange opportunities.

To learn more about ISV’s volunteer program in Thailand check out these awesome videos! 


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