Crowdfunding Fundraising Campaigns for ISV

by isvolunteers on Thursday, 24 July 2014

Your community will support you if they understand that what you'll be doing is for the benefit of others, not just you.

Your community will support you if they understand that what you’ll be doing is for the benefit of others, not just you (c) ISV.

We understand that as a prospective student volunteer, the costs involved with overseas travel can be a barrier. But, keep in mind that once you decide to volunteer overseas to make a difference on a conservation or community development program, there are lots of individuals and businesses that will morally support your goals, and may also choose to financially support you as a result. Establishing an online crowdfunding campaign is an effective and efficient way to kick start your fundraising efforts.

Benefits of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become a very successful way for international volunteers to raise money, with many websites including FundMyTravel, Volunteer Forever, and GoFundMe designed specifically for this purpose. These websites allow you to create your own campaign page, where you can briefly outline your personal story and objective in a clear and meaningful way. It’s important to mention the main facts about where you’re volunteering, what you hope to achieve and how much money you are aiming to raise. This will engage your audience and help to promote your cause.

Once you’ve set up your page it’s easy to share with friends, family and other extended networks where you will gain support and funds towards your ISV Volunteer Program. Payments are generally made through the chosen crowdfunding website and people also have the ability to share your page on social networking sites to help you spread the word!


Just like volunteering, fundraising can be hard work yet lots of fun (c) ISV

Successful ISV Crowdfunding Participants

A perfect example of successful crowdfunding is ISV Alumnus, Eleni Frossynos. Eleni travelled with ISV in January 2014 and was able to raise over $2,000 towards her volunteer project in South Africa through Volunteer Forever! Additionally, Therese Colman, an ISV participant taking part in this season’s South Africa Program has already raised over $1,000 through various raffles, Gofundme, and Facebook. Congratulations girls, as these are inspiring results! And it doesn’t stop there, with many other ISV volunteers successfully raising funds via interworldfundraising and Indiegogo.

Make your dream of volunteering overseas a reality - try crowdsourcing! (c) ISV

Make your dream of volunteering overseas a reality – try crowdfunding! (c) ISV

More Fundraising Information

Once you have been accepted to the ISV Program, signed the ISV Participant Agreement and paid a deposit towards your Program, we will supply you with ISV’s Fundraising Guide, which includes even more strategies for effective fundraising! So what are you waiting for?

Remember to fundraise with absolute integrity. Always represent your activities and purpose with 100% transparency and honesty. ISV in the USA is an established non-profit 501(c)3, however financial support payments made to ISV for the purpose of funding an individual’s ISV program, are not tax-deductible because the individual is receiving a benefit. If someone wants to make a donation to ISV in the USA, it would be tax deductible, but it cannot be applied toward any individual’s program cost. ISV in Australia is set up as a company, and both financial support payments and donations are not tax-deductible, nor are they tax- deductible in Canada. Remember, your friends, family, and community members are not giving you financial support for the purpose of receiving a tax-deduction. They are giving you financial support because YOU asked them and because they care about your personal development and the amazing work that you will be accomplishing with ISV.

To find out more about the ISV Program please call one of our offices and speak to our friendly staff, or visit our website.


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