Our Future, Our Choice: Stand Up For Climate Change Action

by isvolunteers on Friday, 11 December 2015

Aus climate marches

Climate marches across Australia. Photo: GetUp

Right now in Paris, world leaders are meeting to discuss climate change. The 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is running from the 30th of November to the 11th of December 2015 – and while these discussions were taking place,  785, 000 people around the world took to the streets to call for real action to reduce emissions in the Global People’s Climate March!

Right now, people are calling for real action and government accountability so that we can tackle the enormous challenge of rising temperatures and a changing, unpredictable climate around the globe. The Global People’s Climate March was the biggest climate mobilization in history!

Bronnie at rally

ISV Australia Project Manager Bronnie at Sydney People’s Climate March. (c) ISV

Some of ISV’s program staff from around the world got involved in the climate change marches to show their support for this worthy cause. In Australia, the ISV team took part in the action in Sydney joining over 45,000 to walk the streets and send a clear message to our political leaders to take a stronger stance at the Paris negotiations. Over 150,000 Australians took part in marches across the nation.

With rising temperatures, Australia is likely to be one of the world’s worst affected countries by climate change. It’s already having a damaging impact on Australia’s ecosystems and species, which makes the work of ISV volunteers all the more important.

ISV participants in Australia have planted, weeded, built trails, put up fences, collected scientific data and a whole range of conservation tasks over the years. Not only have our volunteers protected and enhanced Australia’s natural resources, but they’ve sent a clear message to other Australians that our environment is important and also educated a whole. (Find out more about volunteering in Australia at http://www.isvolunteers.org/blog/volunteer-australia/.)

In South Africa, our staff joined the colorful song and dance of 1,500 people in Cape Town on a hot 32C day. With banners, musical performances and inspiring speakers, Cape Town became motivated to create realistic, positive changes to address climate change – no matter how small.

CT CC march 4

ISV South Africa Project Manager Jax at Cape Town People’s Climate March. (c) ISV

In South Africa, there is now less rain due to climate change, leading to erosion and drought, which effects biodiversity. With increased urbanisation and habitat encroachment from roads, cities and dams etc, species are more reliant on reserves to exist.

Our conservation projects in South Africa assist by taking part in vital biodiversity surveys, data collection of tree, grass, bird and game species on vulnerable reserves, and monitoring the amount of rain, growth and health of the environment. ISV has also partnered with a breeding and rehabilitation centre for cheetahs – a species that has been under threat and on the endangered list for years due to human development and habitat destruction.

ISV prides itself in taking action on conservation issues. Whatever the outcome from the Paris summit, climate change remains one of our biggest threats and leaders must catch up to reduce our carbon emissions and protect the world’s most vulnerable people and species.

To learn more about ISV, our responsible travel principles and volunteer projects please visit our website at www.isvolunteers.org.

CT CC march 3

Cape Town, South Africa showing their support in front of Table Mountain. (c) ISV




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