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More Alumni Receive the ISV Global Volunteer Citizens Award

by isvolunteers on Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Become and active Global Citizen with ISV (c) International Student Volunteers

Get excited about becoming an active global citizen when you return from your ISV program (c) International Student Volunteers

International Student Volunteers promotes global citizenship from all our volunteers. In fact, it’s a big priority for our organisation.  The ISV Global Volunteers Citizens Award was launched in 2014 as a way to encourage participants to embrace a lifestyle of volunteering. A number of new alumni have recently received the certificate and we wanted to share some of the great work they are doing to volunteer locally in their own communities in their home countries!

ISV Featured Global Citizens

Claire Lewis (Alumni from ISV South Africa 2015)- Local Volunteer Project:  Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

“This opportunity made use of my skills, whilst also allowed me to further my knowledge.”


Claire Lewis, educating children on the importance of healthy eating! (c) Claire Lewis

Claire volunteered with school children, maintaining a vegetable garden, as well as caring for the chickens, and disposing of food scraps in a compost pile. Claire also got involved in a cooking session, assisting the children in preparing ingredients from the school garden and cooking up a feast!

This program has value to both the environment and the community, educating children on how to cook with fresh vegetables that can be grown in the garden, whilst providing a fun and supportive environment which encourage healthy food choices.

Monica Sykes (Alumni from ISV Costa Rica 2014)- Local Volunteer Project:  Edmonds Community College
“I have a passion to work and teach children” 

Many of the children at Edmonds Community College are ESL students and need extra assistance to be prepared to enter Kindergarten next year. Each day Monica assisted in serving the children healthy, balanced meals whilst assisting in teaching the children.

Edmonds Community College has given children from low income families an opportunity to learn and develop skills to help them later in life.

Lilly Macmillan Kerr (Alumni from ISV Costa Rica 2014)- Local Volunteer Project: Life Skills Activities Recreation Friendship and Fun (LARF)
“It’s wonderful to be a part of a positive change in a young person’s life.”

Lilly Kerr volunteering in her local community (c) Lilly Kerr

Lilly Kerr volunteering in her local community (c) Lilly Kerr

LARF is a community based program that involves working with kids aged 7-15 who experience social isolation due to homelessness, family violence, poverty, substance abuse and/or family breakdown.

Lilly volunteered with the primary group of LARF (ages 7-12), helping to support and encourage disadvantaged young people to participate in activities that they might not necessarily be able to do so.


Learn more about the ISV Global Volunteer Citizen Award here

ISV would like to thank all participants who have committed themselves to volunteering in their local community and continuing to positively impact their world as global citizens!

To learn more about ISV and our programs visit our website!


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