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by isvolunteers on Sunday, 10 August 2014

The biggest threat to Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef is Climate Change.

The biggest threat to Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef is Climate Change.

Climate Change is the most pressing global issue of our generation. Today’s issues of poverty, health, pollution, biodiversity loss, glacial melt, sea level rise, extreme weather events and more, will only intensify as our planet warms due to the burning of fossil fuels and other human factors. This isn’t an issue for the future. It’s happening right now, and we need urgent action.

The good news is that we already have the technology and tools available to us to achieve a cleaner, safer future that’s less dependent on fossil fuels. That was the take home message for me when I left the Climate Reality Training Conference with Vice President Al Gore this past June.

ISV volunteers plant trees, lots of trees. But it will take more than tree planting to make a difference to our Climate (c) ISV

ISV volunteers plant trees, lots of trees. But it will take more than tree planting to make a difference to our Climate (c) ISV

How does that relate to ISV? In short, I believe that we (ISV) simply haven’t been doing enough.  You might ask, with all our achievements, how can I say that? After all, isn’t our mission to make a difference to sustainable development initiatives globally? Haven’t we already planted hundreds of thousands of trees and helped improve the lives for thousands of people living in poverty in developing countries? Yes, but while we’ve engaged our volunteers in developing an understanding of the importance of action for sustainable development, “climate change” wasn’t given the specific attention that it critically deserves as part of the discourse on sustainability during our programs.

So, enough about what we didn’t do, let’s talk about what we will do in terms of taking this challenge to our volunteers so that they can take ongoing leadership as ISV’s global citizens, taking Climate action.

Disadvantaged people will suffer disproportionatly the worse from the impacts of Climate Change, especially in the areas of food and water scarcity (c) ISV

As an ISV volunteer you will learn how climate change affects us all, especially those already experiencing poverty (c) ISV

Are you new to ISV?

If you are new to ISV and plan on volunteering with us in the future, get ready to hear about Climate Change as you explore its impacts in the region, people and ecosystems where you will volunteer, as well as learn about how you can make a difference back home to help put our planet on course for a cleaner, safer, healthier future.

Are you an ISV alumni?

If you are an ISV alumni, chances are you might have discussed Climate Change (or even watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth’) because you had a motivated ISV project or tour leader, but it wasn’t specifically part of our educational framework. The difference is that from now on, all ISV volunteers will learn a bit about Climate Change during the course of their project, and be inspired for action.

As part of becoming a Climate Leader trained by Vice President Al Gore, I was asked to undertake ‘Acts of Leadership’, advocating for Climate Action. So, what better place than to thousands of motivated ISV volunteers, who clearly care about our planet as much as we do. This is the generation for change and we need to act now, and I hope you’ll join me in our excitement for being part of the solution!

Want to help our planet? Apply now and be ready to have your life changed. Visit our website for more info.


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