ISV High School Leader Inspires Students to Volunteer in Thailand!

by isvolunteers on Wednesday, 1 April 2015


ISV High School Leader – Katie Chambers

Meet high school teacher and fundraising inspiration Katie Chambers! Ms. Chambers teaches sophomore English at Campo Verde High School in Gilbert, Arizona and has been working hard to ensure that her and a group of students from the school can participate in ISV’s Thailand High School Program in 2015.

Drawing on years of volunteer experience, Ms. Chambers is partnering with ISV to lead a group of high school students to Thailand this summer and she has recently created a wacky YouTube video to help fundraise the costs of their trip. As a result, Ms. Chambers and her group have even been featured in a local news segment to promote awareness for volunteer travel and to assist with their fundraising efforts!

“Working as a public educator for eight years, I have always enjoyed utilizing my summers off to travel and volunteer my services. Since I was a professional educator, organizations added me to their boards of education; I have since worked with them as an international ambassador and educational liaison. I am a very passionate person who loves to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with others around the world.”

“Now, I am excited to have my first opportunity to take high school students with me to volunteer in Thailand. While I myself love serving and giving back, I know that helping others to do the same will be even more rewarding. I do not know a lot about fundraising so that aspect has been a struggle; however, I decided to give it my all and get creative, which inspired my YouTube video. I know there are 300 people in the world willing to donate $20-50 dollars, and I just needed a way to reach them.” – Katie Chambers

Where Will Her Class Volunteer This Summer?

Thailand’s Mae Kok Foundation 

 ISV has been working with the Mae Kok Foundations since 2009. The ultimate aim of this organization is to improve the lives of underprivileged Hill Tribe children by providing housing, food, education, and other vocational training activities.

The Chiang Rai team working at the MKF (c) International Student Volunteers

The Chiang Rai team working at the MKF (c) International Student Volunteers

Project Goals

  1. To provide support and assist the Mae Kok Foundation with its needs, to develop infrastructure for members.
  2. To provide a healthy and happy living environment for the children.
  3. To provide support in English teaching activities both at the foundation and with children at the local school.

Volunteer Tasks
Volunteer projects at the Mae Kok Foundation are based on three main tasks: infrastructure improvement, English instruction and other educational activities with children and locals.


Katie Chambers and her students’ willingness to give up a month of their summer to give back to those less fortunate is an inspiration to us all. They are an excellent example of how a little determination and creativity can yield huge fundraising results and make an impact on our world!

Those interested in helping to fund Ms. Chambers and her group’s volunteer efforts can contact her at or visit

To learn more about ISV’s international programs and meaningful projects, please visit our website.

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