ISV Volunteers Bring Positive Change to Island Schools

by alrahmahsolutions on Sunday, 12 August 2012

An ISV group at Biausevu Preschool © used with permission by Kirsty Prior, ISV

ISV participants have the option of visiting the tropical paradise of Fiji for an excursion after their ISV Australia or New Zealand programs. These six days are usually meant for rest and relaxation, but a true testimony to the ISV spirit is the continued “giving back” mentality of so many of our volunteers through the Fiji Books initiative.

For many years, ISV volunteers have been putting big smiles on the faces of Fijian children, but none bigger than those captured during the 2011 season excursions.  Last year, ISV worked together with Malolo Island School to initiate a program where participants were able to work hand-in-hand with Filipe Komaia, the school’s headmaster, to bring positive changes to a little island school.

Fiji is not just beach holiday, but an opportunity to support community development initiatives © used with permission by Kirsty Prior, ISV

Eight groups spent one full day in classrooms, in the library and on the playground, helping children to practice their English and encouraging them to study hard by bringing books from around the world to donate to the school’s small library. By the end of the season, volunteer donations totaled nearly 350 new books. So many that the school was able to help other schools by sending some of the books to neighboring island libraries.

Playing duck-duck-goose © used with permission by Kirsty Prior, ISV



Taken from the Volunteers’ Fiji Excursion fees, nearly $1200 FJD was donated to the school and village.  Volunteers independently donated a further $750 FJD.  With these donations the school was also able to fund a field trip to the airport in November last year, where some of the students had their first trip off the island and all saw the inside of an airplane for the first time.

Following on from these wonderful achievements, ISV has been working hard to help more villages and schools throughout the gorgeous Fijian islands.  Volunteers this year (2012) through their Fiji Excursion Fees and with the help of our partner Mango Bay Resort have so far donated over $2400 FJD to the Yanuca Island Primary School, Biausevu Preschool, Biausevu tree planting initiative and the local villages of Yanutha Island, Biausevu and Namatakula.  On top of this ISV participants have donated 109 books and a soccer ball.

Thank you ISV Fijian Excursion travellers © used with permission by Kirsty Prior, ISV

Fiji is not just a beach holiday for ISV. We aim to support sustainable development initiatives and to educate, inspire and result in more active global citizens.  We wanted to give more back to local communities and you can see in 2012, not even halfway through the season, we’re already blowing last year’s numbers out of the beautiful blue Fijian waters.

A big thank you to all our Fijian Excursion Travellers and to all our ISV volunteers worldwide!

Kirsty Prior, ISV NZ Tour and Fiji Operations Manager




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