Fiji is Paradise…

by Narelle Webber on Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Coconuts direct from the tree, Yum © all pictures used with permission by Narelle Webber, International Program Director with ISV


Each year ISV runs an optional excursion to Fiji for all Australia-bound participants for our May to September season.

Only four hour’s flight from Sydney, I came to Fiji for a quick break from work in ISV’s Sydney office to discover a little bit of paradise for myself. I wasn’t disappointed… I balanced my time between eco-adventure activities and total relaxation. There was snorkelling nearly every day, surfing some reef breaks and kayaking to explore the coastline. There were sunsets, hours of reading, snoozing in a hammock and coconut-oil massages.

Fiji’s Coral Coast.

I was nourished by coconut juice from freshly cracked nuts and endless fruit smoothies of papaya, banana, watermelon and pineapple. The food in Fiji is a delicious combination of seafood, chicken and local Pacific island dishes where cassava, taro and sweet potato are staples alongside rice and other fruits and vegetables.

While there were a few rain showers, the sunshine was a healthy tonic which has recharged me, and I’m ready for the upcoming November to February Season.  Most of all, I really enjoyed lots of laughter with the friendly Fijians for which the island nation is famous. As part of the local custom, there was quite a lot of Kava being enjoyed but I’ve partaken in that local custom enough- try it for yourselves and make your own decision!

At risk of being too stereotypical… my short time in paradise really did involve swaying green palms, turquoise waters, rest and rejuvenation of the soul. I seriously suggest you come and discover it for yourself. I’ll be coming back for sure.

Snorkelling with a hawksbill sea turtle. This species is endangered of extinction internationally.

ISV participants can come to Fiji as part of an Optional Excursion after their one month program in Australia during the May to September season. This 6 day trip is a time to relax and recover after a hectic four weeks in Australia and discover just a little bit of paradise.

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