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by on Saturday, 5 November 2011

Monica Brockmyre: ISV Australia Project Manager

Prior to heading overseas to live in – and fully experience – West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, I had considered myself to be an open-minded individual with a reasonable amount of “worldliness.” However, after a few months in my mud hut, without electricity or running water, and bathing out of a bucket, I came to realize that, through no fault of my own, I really had been quite ignorant to the actual ways of the world.
During my first “real” overseas experience, I grew up in a way that profoundly affected the direction my life would take and continues to influence the choices I make. I’d even venture to say that it has made me a better global citizen and a better person in general.

ISV volunteers by Uluru, Central Australia

ISV volunteers by Uluru, Central Australia

What does this have to do with ISV? Since my time in Africa, I have become passionate about facilitating the same sort of life-changing experience for others – others who will hopefully go on to make positive contributions to the shaping of our collective, global future. This is why I am part of the ISV team.

I started with ISV in 2006 as a Project Leader and am now living in Sydney managing ISV’s Australia projects. Not only do I see our volunteers contributing in very real ways to conservation, but I also witness the changing of lives. I am proud to be able to say that I contribute to this.

I thank the thousands of volunteers who participate in – or who have even considered participating in – our program for their willingness to have their perspectives broadened and their lives changed. For not only do you help give my life even more meaning, but you are better equipping mankind to “save” itself.


Monica Brockmyre


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