Vet and Pre-Vet Programs with Elephants!

by isvolunteers on Thursday, 7 August 2014

Amazing Opportunity for Vet and Pre-Vet Students!


Learn from a local Thai vet as well as a veterinarian from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo! (c) ISV

Volunteers Needed!  A not-to-be-missed chance to join veterinarian Dr Kimberley Herrin (MS, DMV) from Sydney’s TARONGA ZOO this January 6, 2015 in Thailand, working with rescued and injured Elephants!  This special opportunity is only available to veterinary science or pre-vet students.

Learn more about this project here.

Only limited places are available for this two week placement begining on January 6, 2015. Contact ASAP for details or apply immediately here.


In addition to elephants, help the local commuity through veterinary outreach tasks (c) ISV

Join other vet or pre-vet students from Austarlia, New Zealand and North America (max 13 ISV volunteers per team). ISV’s local Thailand project leader along with Dr Kimberly Herrin will guide you on this hands-on experience, ensuring that you learn practical skills while giving much needed care to some of the 30+ endangered Asian Elephants who live in the rescue center as well as domestic animals in the surrounding community. You will gain experience in medical care, dressing wounds, dietary requirements, cleaning and other facets of animal health.

The rescue center goal is to allow these amazing animals the freedom to live their lives in peace. The center also gives visitors the opportunity to learn about Asian Elephants and how visitors can support ethical treatment of elephants and other animals. These elephants have been rescued from abuse and mistreatment in the tourism and logging industries, and most will never be able to roam free in the wild again.

Don’t delay! Contact for details or apply immediately here.

**  Our May to August 2015 departure dates will be made available soon via our USA office! Stay tuned.

To learn more about ISV and our programs please vist our website:

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