A Volunteer Blogs about her First Experience Abroad with ISV in Costa Rica

by on Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Volunteer Projects - Costa Rica

ISVolunteers in Costa Rica by ISVolunteers on Flickr

For many, volunteering with ISV is their first experience abroad. Celeste Westendorf explains how her ISV trip to Costa Rica was worth every worry.

As a country girl it was the first time I had ever travelled out of Australia and it was an amazing experience I will never forget. One of the greatest things about ISV was that I got to travel with a group of amazing people from around the world that have become some of my closest friends today.

The ISV programme was so well organised, on arrival in San Jose my volunteer group of 8 people travelled south to the small little village of Quizzara which we called home for the next two weeks. During the day we volunteered in the Los Cusingos Reserve in one of the most ecologically bio diverse parts of the world. We also spent our time working within the village to improve the environmental awareness and education of the children within the community. It was a very meaningful project with wonderful long-term goals.

Celeste participated in our most popular program structure; a two-week volunteer program and a two-week adventure tour.

Adventure Tour - Costa Rica

ISVolunteers white water rafting in Costa Rica by ISVolunteers on Flickr

After my volunteer experience I got to participate in the two-week educational adventure tour doing crazy adrenaline filled activities like white water rafting the Pacuare river, horseback riding, zip lining through the cloud forests of Monteverde and my personal favorite, relaxing on a beautiful tropical beach in the Caribbean to help unwind after the adventure activities.

As I was a student at the time and had never traveled before ISV was the perfect opportunity to experience something incredible that I could have never organized on my own. All my accommodation was organized for me as well as my meals. I had the luxury of not having to organize any activities or transport myself. I love ISV as the entire trip was organized for me before I left my home town and I was able to have the most incredible experience with an awesome group of people.

With everything from packing lists to accommodations to excursions mapped out for you by ISVolunteers, you are bound to have the experience of a lifetime just like Celeste!

What country do you want to go to? Costa Rica? Australia? Thailand?

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