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by isvolunteers on Wednesday, 4 June 2014

 Are you thinking of traveling overseas this summer?

International Student Volunteers is currently accepting applications for our 2014-15 season and you may be eligible to apply for a academic credit plus a loan of up to $7,500 AUD to cover the costs of volunteering with ISV through the OS-HELP government assistance program!

Enhance your degree on a trip of a lifetime (c) International Student Volunteers

Enhance your degree on a trip of a lifetime (c) International Student Volunteers

Here’s how it works….

  • Apply for ISV’s 2014-15 program online. (Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll need to then submit your ISV Participant Agreement and $500 deposit to confirm your place on a particular departure date and country). Please note, if you are relying on the OS-Help loan to fund your ISV Program it is essential you check your eligibility for academic credit and then the loan with your University before you sign up with ISV.
  • Assuming you are eligible, enrol in Academic Credit for your ISV volunteer project, either directly with your own university (independent study) or through RMIT University
  • If you meet the eligibility requirements, apply for an OS-HELP loan through the Global Mobility or Study Abroad office at your own university. Loans range from $1000 AUD to $7500 AUD and the application requirements and processes vary depending on where you are studying. (For short term study applications such as the ISV Program, you may need to provide supporting evidence for your application. Contact the ISV office if this is required).
  • If your application is successful, the loan will be paid for you directly and then full payment for your ISV Program is due 65 days prior to departure.


    Participate in hands-on conservation initiatives (c) International Student Volunteers

Who is eligible? 

  • Australian citizens or holders of a permanent humanitarian visa.
  • Commonwealth supported students.
  • Students who have successfully completed at least 1 Equivalent Full Time Study Load (EFTSL) of study in Australia that counts towards their course study (i.e., one year of full-time study).
  • Students who have a minimum of 0.125 EFTSL of study to be completed in their course on return from overseas study.
  • Students must not have received OS-HELP on more than one other occasion, and not have been granted an OS-HELP loan by another provider for an overlapping 6-month study period.

Why sign up for Academic Credit with ISV?


Engage in educational activities on Community Development Progams (c) International Student Volunteers

  • This program is going to be the most fun, practical and eye-opening course of your university life!
  • You can apply the tuition fees to HECS, and loan your volunteer project travel costs through OS-HELP.
  • If you sign up for the RMIT course, you can enrol in either a Community Development or Natural Resource Management syllabus. These topics are worth 12 credit points at RMIT and are perfect for any student that wants to take an elective and volunteer to make a difference – just make sure you check the transferability of the credits with your own uni.
  • The ISV Program is already educational so you won’t be missing out on other things duringyour volunteer project. There are four main areas of assessment through the RMIT course:
    • Keeping a field journal (ALL ISV participants do this anyway except you’re graded on the quality of your journal);
    • Participating in group discussions (ALL ISV participants take part in these during the project except that you must plan for and lead one discussion and are graded on your contribution to others);
    • Your participation during the project; and
    • An essay based on your project experience, due 6 weeks after the conclusion of your ISV project.

Immerse yourself in new cultural traditions! (c) International Student Volunteers

Now’s your chance to sign up for Academic Credit through RMIT or Independent Study through your own university and then apply for the OS-HELP loan to offset your travel costs!

Read more about ISV participants who have signed up to do Academic Credit here. 

APPLY NOW to start the process of securing your place on this summer’s ISV programs!

To learn more about ISV’s programs visit our website.

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