Wild Animal Rescue in Ecuador

by on Friday, 16 December 2011

Sacha Yacu wild animal rescue center is one of ISV’s newest projects in Ecuador, located in the Amazon rainforest. Animal rescue centers are highly important in Ecuador because of the country’s huge biodiversity.

White faced Capuccin Monkey, (c) used with permission, Kattia LeMarie

In 2011, ISV participants had the opportunity to be involved in the construction of a new wild animal rescue center on a 100 hectare (247 acres) parcel of land. The tasks included the construction of a brand new volunteer house and enclosures for 67 animals that were illegally taken from the wild and sold as domestic pets.

Wild animals do not make suitable domestic pets and often become depressed and/or aggressive. Such animals are often abandoned, imprisoned in small cages, or chained to posts. Thanks to the help of ISV volunteers, animals at Sacha Yacu are now kept in enclosures that replicate their natural habitats in order to improve the process of rehabilitation.

What is unique about this center is that it is the only center in Ecuador dedicated only to the care of animals, meaning they do not receive any visitors or tourists. For this reason, rehabilitation is made easier as the animals become less accustomed to interactions with humans. Besides the daily care of the animals, one of the center’s goals is to spread their environmental education program to local communities around the area. Through games, theatre presentations, and activities, volunteers share the concepts of conservation and biodiversity in local schools.

We hope to continue achieving much more with this amazing project in the future.

More information about the wildlife of the Amazon region of Ecuador can be found HERE.

By Kattia Lemarie 

Ecuador Country Coordinator

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