Wild Mountains Poetry

by isvolunteers on Friday, 19 August 2016

The Australian Bush

Wild Mountains is in a beautiful part of the Australian bush, adjacent to the Border Ranges National Park, which is part of the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests. It’s easy to feel inspired in this beautiful place. (c) ISV

ISV’s projects are jam-packed with meaningful work and fun educational opportunities, but as our volunteers at Wild Mountains in Northern Australia found out, they can also be a great time for reflection and creativity. 

By Lilli Nicolson, ISV Australia Project Leader

Our time at Wild Mountains in 2015 involved getting back in touch with the rhythms of nature and tuning into the land. As part of this process, we would go on our daily “Magic Spots” – short sessions in our own spot in the bush where we would sit quietly to reflect, write, listen and be still.

Sunrise Wild Mountains

Sunrise at Wild Mountains – a fantastic time to reflect on your volunteer experience . (c) ISV

Last year, a number of students discovered the voice of their own creativity in their magic spots. Here is a poem by one participant that was composed during one of these sessions:

“The thing about people is that they change

their behaviour when being watched.

So although we can hope, we can never truly

know if we’re seeing someone’s true colours.

Wild Mountains Bush

“Our time at Wild Mountains in 2015 involved getting back in touch with the rhythms of nature and tuning into the land.” (c) ISV

Because we all wear the mask we’d rather

show instead of our true face.

It’s just human nature.

The thing about nature, however, is it is true.

It is colourful, and it is what you see.

Nature does not try to live or show you

something that isn’t so.

If you took the human out of your nature,

if you took off your mask,

Beautiful fungi

Fungi, one of the natural recycling processes volunteers observed on their project. (c) ISV

does it scare you to show your true colours?

I know it scares me.

But it makes me appreciate

what I see in my magic spot that much more.”

Anastasia Shymanovich, University of North Carolina Greensboro, July 2015.

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