Information for Volunteers

Read this section for useful information that will enable you to make the correct decisions, ask the right questions, and ensure you have the best experience possible!

Fundraising Payments

If you are a financially supporting a participant to travel with ISV --Thank You-- your funds are much appreciated!

You may make a payment either in person by using the fundraising resources we have provided each participant, or online through our website.

If you would like to make a payment online towards a particular participant's program, please submit your payment via our 'Make a Payment' link at the top of this page. Please be sure to list the participant's full name, ISV ID number (if known), for the person you are supporting.

"Learning to live a different life-style and understanding a different way of thinking was a great experience in sharing perspectives and values. The overall experience was very rewarding, fun and at the same time educational." ~Nina Oestlien, UC Santa Barbara

"Heaps of wicked raging good times." ~Victoria Zimmerman, Indiana University

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